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Richardo van Aalst

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Welcome to my website.


I am Richardo van Aalst from Ulft located in the Achterhoek in Gelderland. I have had racing pigeons for over 35 years, so I have been playing along for many years, and not entirely without success. In the early years I played with my father under the combination J.v.aalst & Zn on the flights of 100 to 900 km. In 1989 I built a house with pigeon loft in Etten and there I became a member of P.v. Nobile. During the first few years I also played here on flights of 100 to 900 km. But it soon became apparent that I preferred the Marathon flights. At the time I raced total widowhood on these flights and I also achieved good results at both NPO and National level. In 2005 I moved to Ulft again. Here again a new pigeon loft of around 14 meters was built, with 100 young pigeons being started all over again in 2006. These youngsters were bred from my breeders and the best performance pigeons that I had in Etten. In 2008 the first success was again on the overnight flights. I had to search for the right system, because I just wanted to play the nest game. This is because I simply didn't have enough time for total widowhood and you can train nest pigeons at any time. My old line of pigeons from Jan Aarden, v. Wanroy, Jac v / d Wegen, Jan Thelen and Bruggeman are in my loft. Later expanded with the following lines. The species of H. te Molder, Beens, Jellema, Zwiers and the Gebr. Limburg. There are also pigeons from the top fanciers Hans Radstaak, Bart van de Bovenkamp and Wim Gielen. With this we will try to breed even better racing pigeons. And hope for a few top pigeons and top 10 rankings N.P.O and perhaps National.

12e Nationaal St. Vincent 2016 ( M12-1324001 )
12e Nationaal St. Vincent 2016 ( M12-1324001 )